175 Million Reasons To Be Worried


We all know that Windows Server 2003 retired. This not a good nor a bad news. This is how it had to be, eventually. This platform did a remarkable job, and it was about time for it to enjoy the careless retirement days. Unfortunately, the users themselves are still trapped in time. How?

Well, for what is worth, and it is obviously worth a lot, more than 175 million websites worldwide still depend on Windows Server 2003 architecture. In the cyber world, the most serious consequence associated with retirement is an inability to get updates. Any kind of updates.

Especially the ones related to security. In plain English, you are using an outdated platform with the obsolete security measures, the hackers have had plenty of time to study and prepare for thoroughly. So, what can we do about it? We should embrace new systems. This is obvious.

Yet, our laziness, and unwillingness to invest in improved systems, are responsible for this problematic number of almost 200 million websites. That is almost an entire continent of websites, which are left on their own. Grandpa Microsoft is in trouble. Its retirement plan does not work.

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