The Alphabet: What Are We Going To Get?


Oh dear, what is this supposed to mean? Are we witnessing the very birth of the notorious SkyNet, but this time in cheerful colors? For what is worth, Google is transforming into the Alphabet. Or, maybe it is better to say, Google has grown so much that it has become something else.

This Alphabet is going to include everything and anything, from the Internet to investments, and rocket science development programs. The last one was supposed to be a joke, but this does not mean we are not telling the truth. Or, let us put in this more simpler way.

Everything you may need from A to Z, Google will be happy to provide. At the same time, Google wants to prove a point that you can still make money in the brave new cyber world, with no need to use Machiavellist approach or methods. It really sounds like a dreamland at the end of a rainbow.

And, corporations will continue to grow, until one day they swallow the entire world, and we are going to be served as a dessert. And, there is nothing we can do about it. In the latest Terminator movie, the notorious SkyNet has a new name. No, it is not the Alphabet, but there are some striking similarities.

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