The Alphabet: What Are We Going To Get?


Oh dear, what is this supposed to mean? Are we witnessing the very birth of the notorious SkyNet, but this time in cheerful colors? For what is worth, Google is transforming into the Alphabet. Or, maybe it is better to say, Google has grown so much that it has become something else.

This Alphabet is going to include everything and anything, from the Internet to investments, and rocket science development programs. The last one was supposed to be a joke, but this does not mean we are not telling the truth. Or, let us put in this more simpler way.

Everything you may need from A to Z, Google will be happy to provide. At the same time, Google wants to prove a point that you can still make money in the brave new cyber world, with no need to use Machiavellist approach or methods. It really sounds like a dreamland at the end of a rainbow.

And, corporations will continue to grow, until one day they swallow the entire world, and we are going to be served as a dessert. And, there is nothing we can do about it. In the latest Terminator movie, the notorious SkyNet has a new name. No, it is not the Alphabet, but there are some striking similarities.

The Year Of Robots: 2040


Enjoy while it lasts, cyber boys and girls. For how long we have ruled this planet? A millennium or two? Now, in less than 25 years from this very moment, the things are to change. Dramatically. So, who is going to take over? Who is going to rule the world instead of us? Aliens? Or, robots?

Let us put it this way. Robots with the mind blowing AI (Artificial Intelligence) capacities. On the other side, you just cannot avoid asking yourself what is inspiring these dark voices, can you? Maybe, we are watching too many SF movies. There is a so-called SkyNet or Terminator syndrome out there.

It is about time for us to admit it. Let us first invent and develop something, for a change. Then, we have plenty of time to figure out what are we going to do with it. Eventually, the creator is supposed to be smarter and superior compared to his own creation. Right? The AI is our creation. Right?

If you think in this way, you are going to end up with some pretty pessimistic conclusions. Do not invent computers or the Internet, because they may turn against you one day. Do not this, do not invent that. The brave new world is going to be a wonderful place. Do not you think? This is not intelligent, at all.

Transcendence Copy/Paste


There is something called the Substrate – Independent Mind or the SIM technology. If you have seen the Transcendence with Johnny Depp, then you have an idea what are we talking about, don’t you? The only difference is that we are not referring to the AI – Artificial Intelligence stuff, at all. This is something completely different.

The SIM concept simply and literally takes our brain’s “content” and puts it into a different environment. Like a computer, for a change. It is an old idea in a new package. Or, maybe we can put it this way. You have probably seen one of the X-Files movies. The second one, if we are not mistaken, uses the similar idea.

We can describe this approach as the “talking heads”, if you know what we mean. With the SIM you do not have to conduct a transplantation of your head on someone else’s shoulders to see it works again. This is definitely smoother than the controversial surgical procedure, we have seen in the movie.

So, we have all worked it out, haven’t we? One last thing left, though. We have not asked the brain itself, what it thinks about moving out. Maybe, one day when we, or whatever that is left of us, wake up in some strange and dark place within four metal walls, you will not be thrilled with your available future perspectives.

Stephen Hawking vs AI


Here is a tricky situation about the Artificial Intelligence (AI). On the one side, we have Stephen Hawking, who has a chance to significantly improve the quality of his personal and professional work thanks to the new Intel technology. One may think that he would be grateful for this great opportunity.

On the other side, he is extremely worried that the further AI improvement of the in this field can end the humanity as we know it today. This is at least to say a strong contradiction for this brilliant scientist. This is not a traditional conflict of interests, but it is still very confusing, either way. Right?

We have every reason to believe that the future improvement of the AI can strongly influence Hawking and other people with disabilities in a similar situation. Why stop now? Just because someone has seen the Terminator movie and become familiar with the SkyNet concept. Is this serious enough?

Do you remember one of the most famous movie lines about the aliens? They have not crossed the whole universe just to be bad and start a war. The same can be applied for the AI. Even if it becomes self-conscious one day, its first thought is not going to be to destroy something. It just does not make any sense, does it?

Don’t Lie And Drive


What is wrong with this post’s title? Actually nothing, it is perfectly fine. The days when we used to say, do not drink and drive, are long gone. Nowadays, you are required to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, in order for your car to allow you to drive. Are you still confused about what we have just said?

Our story about the unparalleled lie detector for drunk drivers begins in Germany. Some busy little bees have actually recorded hundreds and hundreds of hours, which include drunk driver talks. Based on these recordings they have come up with a genuine software solution. What does it do?

Well, as soon as you try to start your car you will be required to have a convenient conversation with it. If you convince your car’s computer that you are not drunk, you are good to go. Otherwise, you will not able to start the engine. Is this a reliable solution? Hard to say, without some thorough testings.

For what is worth, this is a huge step forward for the AI. The possible applications for this intriguing software solution are not limited only to the traffic safety control, that is for sure. We have to look for the wider picture. The AI will be able to communicate with us in a much profound and precise way.