You’re In The Army Buddy


The Israeli army has new rules related to the proper use of social networks, while you are in the uniform. You are free to use Facebook and Twitter, including other similar media, but with the certain reasonable restrictions. Why all of this trouble with the armed social networks?

Well, you have probably heard that one reckless IS member had sent an invitation to US bombs with his reckless selfie. What you are going to do in your own free time is your thing. However, you should not jeopardize your unit’s position, including the complex and sensitive defense mechanism.

It is also worth mentioning that the same social networks can be used as a weapon. The Israeli army has one of the most sophisticated units for the cyber warfare in the world. That is why, we find a great deal of controversy in this specific do-or-not-do on social networks list.

We shall wait and see, how these newly imposed limitations are going to work for the cyber boys and girls in the Israeli army. Yet, there is some reason in it. You just cannot believe how many top military secrets we are ready to reveal so easily for a perfect selfie. Beware, because the enemy is watching.