Big Gun China #1


Here is our word of advice. If you plan to read this post, then you should listen ACDC. You do not have to guess twice, which song in particular, do you? Oh dear, if you thought that the so-called Great Firewall of China is something special, then wait until you hear about the Big Cyber Gun.

The busy little Chinese bees in charge of censorship have really done something amazing. Now, not only are they capable of blocking the entire Internet traffic, but also they can redirect it and manipulate according to their wishes with all kinds of malicious software solutions.

One serious rumor has it that compared to the Big Gun, the notorious Great Firewall of China looks and works like an outdated toy. However, this is not something you say our hats off for a respectable achievement. It is actually a sad fact. Just imagine resources and time required for its development and maintenance.

All of that, for what exactly? So, you can monitor and control your own citizens? Unfortunately, we have every reason to believe that the Big Gun made in China is going to give all kinds of crazy ideas to their US colleagues in the NSA. The Internet and freedom. Oh, that is such a bad joke. Indeed.

The Positive Collateral Damage


We just cannot close the final chapter of our controversial and intriguing story about the Interview, can we? Here is the latest news. In some strange and quite an unorthodox way, it turns out that this was a win-win situation for both parties. How could this be? Well, it is surprisingly simple and obvious.

On the one side, we have the North Korea, which was able to demonstrate both willingness and capacity in order to protect the image if their indisputable leader. In addition, the North Korean cyber capacities have been underestimated and even ridiculed, for quite some time. What happened?

The notorious hacker’s group called the Bureau 121 proved them all wrong. On the other side, Sony Pictures had a unique opportunity to enjoy itself in a free advertising on a global scale. They just could not ask for a better chance to promote their newest film than this annoying hacking trouble, could they?

When you put the things in this way, it seems that actually no one got hurt. However, this is not entirely true. Sony has some questions to ask about its cyber security system. The North Korean regime is in a serious trouble, if a movie can shake its foundations. Maybe, this was a lose-lose situation.