Deadly Cyber Games


One South Korean intelligence officer committed a suicide as a result of the unprecedented cyber spy scandal, which has deeply disturbed this country. It turns out that South Korea was importing some software “solutions” from Italy, which are supposed to be used against the North Korea.

With all due respect, the North Korean IT infrastructure is rather a modest one. Therefore, you really do not have to bother yourself with the state of the art spy technology in this field. In addition, someone among South Korean intelligence officers has figured out that this thing can be used in the home field.

This is how, we have ended up with one of the biggest cyber scandals in the recent South Korean IT history. Someone has been spying on his or her own fellow citizens. The pressure was so strong that one man took his own life, rather than to be a part of this scandal.

So, what is the moral of this sad story? One thing obviously comes without saying. Cyber actions derived from the virtual world can have the serious real life consequences. You just cannot play with other people’s privacy with no consequences, this way or another. RIP you poor man.

Spinning Out Of The Nuclear Control


There is one more than one serious rumor that the NSA messed up with the Iranian nuclear program, for real and with a success. All of that, thanks to the special stuxnet-style virus. Can you really hack someone’s nuclear facilities? Apparently you can. Do not forget the North Korea.

Do you really believe that the men-in-black in the NSA have not tried to take control over the North Korean nuclear reactors? Then, how come they have failed to “play” with the centrifuges of their reactors, just like they did in Iran? Well, being isolated has some interesting positive consequences.

How can you possibly launch a virus in the country, where there is no Internet, almost literally? The answer is, forget about it, because it is not going to work. On the other side, we have to say that this is a dangerous and reckless game played by the NSA busy little cyber bees. Why is that?

Do you also believe that the notorious North Korean Bureau 121 is not going to try to strike back? When you look at the things in this way, then the USA can look as a true candyshoop for the North Korean hackers. We do not even dare imagine the worst case scenario. How about you?

The Positive Collateral Damage


We just cannot close the final chapter of our controversial and intriguing story about the Interview, can we? Here is the latest news. In some strange and quite an unorthodox way, it turns out that this was a win-win situation for both parties. How could this be? Well, it is surprisingly simple and obvious.

On the one side, we have the North Korea, which was able to demonstrate both willingness and capacity in order to protect the image if their indisputable leader. In addition, the North Korean cyber capacities have been underestimated and even ridiculed, for quite some time. What happened?

The notorious hacker’s group called the Bureau 121 proved them all wrong. On the other side, Sony Pictures had a unique opportunity to enjoy itself in a free advertising on a global scale. They just could not ask for a better chance to promote their newest film than this annoying hacking trouble, could they?

When you put the things in this way, it seems that actually no one got hurt. However, this is not entirely true. Sony has some questions to ask about its cyber security system. The North Korean regime is in a serious trouble, if a movie can shake its foundations. Maybe, this was a lose-lose situation.

The Death Red Star


What in a world is that? Well, prepare yourself for some more mind blowing surprises made in North Korea. For quite some time, we have neglected and even underestimated the North Korean cyber capacities. Now, all of these hit us back like a boomerang. There are no more amateurs in the cyber universe.

The Red Star is a cloned OS from A to Z, and what is even more important fully controlled by the state itself. Although, the Red Star OS strongly resembles Microsoft’s Windows, it is actually based entirely on Linux. So, what do you know the North Koreans know how to develop an entire OS.

Impressive? Whatever you think or do about this one, just do not say anything against their leader. Otherwise, you can end up like Sony Pictures. Because of the Interview movie, they are trembling because of the constant cyber attacks conducted by the notorious government group the Bureau 121.

The next thing you know the North Koreans will come up with the Internet of their own. One of the serious rumors has it that China and Russia have the “national” Internet fully operational and ready to be launched at any given moment. Can North Korea join this big boys club for real? Let us see.

Sony Is Going To Make It Up For You


Great news, cyber boys and girls. Sony is going to make it up to you for the Christmas trouble. You will get extra five days on your account. We have already written about it. The hacker’s group called the Lizard Squad was responsible for the attacks on both PSN ans Xbox One network. No network. No game.

Do you have any idea, who has saved the day? One of the least likely guys you could have possibly expected. No more and no less, than Kim Dotcom himself had to intervene here. He has reached some kind of a deal with the Lizard Squad members. They will spare the PSN and Xbox One from future attacks.

Is this a complete surprise or what? What happened to a rule that a friend of my enemy is supposed to be my enemy by default? Kim Dotcom is a hero of this story. Maybe, this is the way how Sony should solve its problems with the Interview movie and the North Korean bad boy Kim Jong Un.

One more accidental hero for Sony can be the extremely controversial and influential Dennis Rodman. Perhaps he can change the color of his hair and the mind of his friend Kim Jong Un. Right now, Sony needs all the help it can get right now. No matter how the helping hand is covered in tattoos.

The Lizard Squad


Who are these guys? It turns out that we are witnessing a birth of a new phenomenon. We are already treating some hackers and hacker’s groups as the genuine rock stars. These so-called lizards have something against the most popular gaming platforms such as the Xbox Live and PSN. Why is that?

Well, to tell the truth, we are not quite sure. Maybe, they just want to prove something to themselves. This one is entirely up to them. The similar situation we had when the North Korean Bureau 121 was discovered. The “innocent” movie called the Interview was the trigger for their activities.

The trouble with the curve in this matter is that some busy little malicious cyber bees can be caught into the bigger-stronger-more labyrinth. In order to prove something and impress the cyber audience, they can attack the vital systems and literally destroy the world, as we know it today. Can we avoid that?

It is hard to tell. Maybe, we should not make provocative movies, which can annoy the dictatorship regimes all over the world. This was a joke, but not too far from the truth. We should not give the undeserved publicity to the hackers. This can be surprisingly effective. Better than any known antivirus program.

The Interview Feeling Blue


The Interview has entered the movie theaters. For what is worth, not on a full scale as planned. If you have a reason to fear that someone will conduct a terrorist attack in the darkness of the movie theater, you have an option to rent this movie online and watch it absolutely safely. Or not?

Maybe, the notorious Bureau 121 from the North Korea has the capacities to attack every single computer on this planet, which shows this movie. There is a little bit strange angle for this unusual situation we would like to share with you. We dare to say that this was an unplanned and unusual win-win situation for both parties.

You may wonder, how can this be? Well, it is actually quite simple, if you are willing to accept it. Sony Pictures has advertized its latest movie in the most unusual, but very effective way. On the other side, the North Korea has a rare and unique opportunity to fight the common prejudices about its technology development.

So, the North Korean hackers have provided some free advertisement for the Sony Pictures. In return, we have expressed our admiration with the North Korean achievements in the cyber field. So, who is hurt here? We have seen the movie. And our blog is still operational, but do not tell anyone. It is our little secret.

Xperia 007


What is happening with Sony? Are they having some kind of an open door event for hackers? First, we had a controversy with the Interview movie and North Korean super-hackers. And now this one, the most recent hackers caused new model leakage. Things just could not get worse for Sony, could they?

There were some rumors that the new James Bond movie will promote the new Sony Xperia Z4. If that is true, then we have to congratulate to Sony. We can hardly think of a better way to promote a new model than this one. Hollywood style is always the most effective promotion tool, that is for sure.

Maybe, you have noticed that the Smurfs 2 also had a strong emphasis on the Sony tablet. We sure hope we are not mistaken with this one. You can do as a huge favor by checking this one for us. It is not a secret that major brands pay tons of money to the Hollywood studios for promotion purposes.

We sure hope it is going to be completely worth it for Sony. It comes without saying that Xperia concept is a perfect match for James Bond style. Black, stylish, discrete, and efficient. Just the thing our friend James Bond needs the most, while fighting the villains. My name is Xperia, Xperia Z4. Right?

More About Sony


Here is more about the latest cyber controversy associated with the Sony Pictures Entertainment and North Korea. It turns out that the notorious Bureau 121 has some talented individuals, rather than the cyber magicians. Why? For what is worth, the Sony itself was an easy cyber prey. Really?

Unfortunately, the hackers have found an entire file in the Sony’s cyberspace with an intriguing title – Passwords. Yes, cyber boys and girls, the entire Sony Entertainment IT structure was offered at a glance in an unprecedently reckless way. So, what is the moral of this story for us to be remembered?

If you want to make a movie about some of the world’s most notorious dictators, you have to make sure that the top cyber security experts are among your employees. Otherwise, you will inevitably hit the wall, which is not going to be made of cyber bricks, but the rock-solid materials. Is that enough?

Well, it is advisable for you not to have identical user names and passwords. In addition, you should make a living hell for the hackers, who are trying to cause you harm. In the meantime, we shall see what is going to happen with the clash between Hollywood and the North Korea. Maybe, they will make a movie about it, as well.

The Bureau 121


Is this a lovely name for some SF or action movie, or what? Well, you should be fully aware that this a code name of the top hackers unit in North Korea. These guys are deadly serious with what they do. And, apparently very sensitive when it comes to their dear leader. So, what happened?

You should google a little bit about the new movie about North Korea. Although, this is a comedy, for the North Korean leadership there was nothing funny. As a result, Sony Pictures Entertainment division was hacked. As you can see cyber warriors can easily reach wherever you are or what you do.

These intriguing details were revealed by one of the Bureau 121 former members, who was able to escape to where else, than South Korea. So, what is so interesting in this story? Well, we tend the underestimate this country, over and over again. Some people think they still live in the stone age in terms of technology.

North Korea takes care of the talented guys from this group in a fascinating way. They are the elite, and they are treated as such. It turns out that North Korea knows how to take care of its priorities. Cyber warfare is definitely one of them. There is something we can learn from the Bureau 121. Right?