Cisco New Malware Disco


The busy little bees in the Cisco security department have an intriguing new concept for us. Are you eager to hear it? On the other hand, is there something we can do in order to radically improve our current cyber security situation? For real? We are not talking about the cosmetic changes.

Well, it is supposed to be, according to Cisco. This new guy-in-cyber-town is called the “layered defense”. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out with no additional explanations, do you? The only thing we are not quite certain about is the very structure of this layered cyber defense.

What is Cisco’s masterplan with this one? Are we talking about the cyber defense, which is structured and organized in a couple of rings? Or, maybe Cisco plans to introduce a principle, where the best is being saved for last. This means that your strongest security component will be activated at the end.

For Cisco, the things just could not be possibly simpler. Your worst nightmare malware can knock down a couple elements of your defense, but definitely not all of them. Yet, this is an extremely optimistic presumption that your layered defense is going to hold on till its very last line. Right?

Cisco Systems – Spying Systems


This is what happens when you leave an open door for the politics in the cyber space. The Chinese have become extremely spying sensitive and let us admit it even paranoid about this one. First, we had a situation with an iPhone, which was to blame for the tracking jeopardy completely unacceptable for the Chinese.

Now, the blacklist in China is very likely to include an additional name from the USA. The Cisco Systems are accused for supporting the US funded and organized spying activities. As expected, the Cisco Systems have denied it all, but the damage was already done. In the meantime, even Microsoft had some tough times.

Google has to play according to Chinese rules. Windows is no longer welcome on government’s computers. Apple is suspicious. Cisco is unreliable. It seems that Made In China definitely does not go hand in hand with the Made in the USA. Is there a solution for this serious problem?

Well, if the USA players want a piece of a billion market pie in China, they will have to play according to the Chinese rules with no exceptions or excuses. China can certainly afford it. One serious rumor has it that China has an infrastructure to launch a completely independent Internet on its own, any time they want. Enough said. Right?