Digital Amnesia Syndrome


What in a world is this thing called the Digital Amnesia Syndrome? Well, it is not a rocket science, isn’t it? We are so dependant on our cyber-pets’ memory. In addition, our entire civilization has become lazy. We do not have the time or nerves, or both, to memorize all data we require, more or less.

So, what can happen at the end of this cyber-memory-rainbow? Here is an easy trick as a helping hand. Just imagine what can happen to you, if you lose your smartphone, or all data associated with it. The same thing will happen to our world, if it looses its digital, and apparently most important memory.

So, what are we supposed to do? Nothing. Just relax, if you can. At the moment, our digital memory suffers a fatal collapse, we will sing a song, nothing really matters. Trust us, when we say, you will have more urgent and serious problems to deal with. Digital oblivion will be the least of your problems.

Yet, you can do something about limiting your cyber addiction, although this is much easier to say, than to actually do. However, there are no other options available. Cyber clouds sound like a lovely idea. Then again, how we are supposed to rain data out of them without our precious smartphones?

Transcendence Copy/Paste


There is something called the Substrate – Independent Mind or the SIM technology. If you have seen the Transcendence with Johnny Depp, then you have an idea what are we talking about, don’t you? The only difference is that we are not referring to the AI – Artificial Intelligence stuff, at all. This is something completely different.

The SIM concept simply and literally takes our brain’s “content” and puts it into a different environment. Like a computer, for a change. It is an old idea in a new package. Or, maybe we can put it this way. You have probably seen one of the X-Files movies. The second one, if we are not mistaken, uses the similar idea.

We can describe this approach as the “talking heads”, if you know what we mean. With the SIM you do not have to conduct a transplantation of your head on someone else’s shoulders to see it works again. This is definitely smoother than the controversial surgical procedure, we have seen in the movie.

So, we have all worked it out, haven’t we? One last thing left, though. We have not asked the brain itself, what it thinks about moving out. Maybe, one day when we, or whatever that is left of us, wake up in some strange and dark place within four metal walls, you will not be thrilled with your available future perspectives.