CryptoLocker Unlocked


We sure hope you have not had a chance to deal with the misery caused by the CryptoLocker. Just imagine a situation when someone gets your precious things, puts them in a room, locks them, and then asks you to pay a ransom in an exchange for a key. Are you terrified enough?

This is exactly what happens to your files once the CryptoLocker gets its cyber hands on them. If you want them back, there is no other option than to pay money for a virtual key in order to free your precious files. Finally, someone has found a way to end your troubles with the merciless CryptoLocker.

For what is worth, the busy little bees from the Fox IT and Fire Eye give you a chance to upload your trapped files for free and release them with a proper key. Unfortunately, this option is only available for the certain versions of the KryptoLocker. Despite this flaw, we should treat one as the good news.

It comes without saying that in this case, it all comes down to the proper prevention IT security work. Better to lock your sensitive by yourself than to wait and hope someone else will not do it for you with dishonest intentions. Do not waste your time blinking, it is the right moment for some serious IT thinking.

Careless iPhone Whispers


The Open Whisper Systems, which are well-known for their safe calls app RedPhone, have come up with a new one. This time we are talking about the free encrypted calls you can make on your iPhone all over the world. You do not have to guess twice the Signal app is fully compatible with the RedPhone.

This app is simple and safe to use. In addition, you do not have to worry about complicated passwords. Both you and your contact will get a pair of words. If these words match between the parties, who are communicating, you are good to go. If not, then there is someone uninvited trying to mess your things up.

The Signal runs the ZRTP, which is a security encryption protocol developed by Phil Zimmermann. He is also known as the father of the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) system. On the other side, it is worth mentioning that the Signal is initially designed to be an open source platform.

The Open Whisper Systems have some ambitious plans with this one. In the next stage, they plan to include Signal’s version for the text messages, as well. Definitely some good news for iPhone users. We only hope that Apple will close all open backdoors first. You know what we mean with this one, don’t you?