iVirus iTrouble


Here comes the new trouble called the KeyRaider. This is the latest virus, which prefers jailbreaked iPhones. What is even more interesting, this threat can be associated with the jailbreak solutions made in China, in the overwhelming majority of all cases. So, how does it work?

Well, as soon as your iPhone starts communicating with an iTunes and Apple Store the hackers jump in. Your iPhone will pay and do what you do not want or do not approve. So, what is the moral of our disturbing KeyRaider story? You should avoid jailbreak options for your smartphone?

Does it also mean that somewhere out of our sight the busy little bees in Apple are laughing at us? They told us, but we failed to listen and comply? No, it would not be fair to say such a thing. You are absolutely free to do whatever you like with your iPhone. You just need to be extremely careful.

Executing a jailbreak operation can be a risky operation, if you are reckless and impatient. Some hacker has obviously done his homework properly. Apple can, but still does not have an obligation to help you in this case. Do not accept a free ride of the notorious KeyRaider. That is the only advice we can give you.

iOS 8.4.1 vs TaiG Jailbreak 


The new IOS 8.4.1 update is already here. So, what is this going to be all about? Well, the most important characteristic of this update is its anti-jailbreak feature. If you are using an iPhone, which made friends with the TaiG team, then you should be aware of this change.

Otherwise, all of your apps and everything else, which work, thanks to a jailbreak will be in trouble. So, what can you do about it? Well, you can just avoid this update, and your jailbreak will be just fine. However, there is a bigger story in the background. Can you dare to guess what it is?

For what is worth, one serious rumor has it that the IOS 8.4.1 update was a rehearsal for the main thing called IOS 9. Apparently, this latest IOS will be jailbreak-proof. This is a little bit too easy to say. Let us wait what TaiG team has to say about this tempting challenge. Can it be done?

We have no other choice, than to wait and see for ourselves. Maybe Apple just had enough of this jailbreak thing. Now, they want to end it with the new IOS. Well, good luck with that. There are quite a few jailbreak experts, who will hardly resist this challenge. Let the jailbreak games begin.

iPhone 6 vs AK-74


How many iPhones you need to stop a bullet fired from an AK-74? Well, according to the crazy and creative guys from a YouTube channel, who enjoy themselves in destroying the top smartphones, you need at least five models. If you have a soft heart for smartphones, then you should not read this post.

Believe it or not, these guys put a dozen iPhones in a line. Then, with no mercy at all, they shot through them with an AK-74. The fifth smartphone was able to stop the bullet. So, what’s is the moral of this merciless and heartless experiment? If you are going to a dangerous zone, make sure you have five iPhones with you.

Or maybe, there is one more not so obvious moral discretely attached to this story. We’re so in love with our smartphones that we tend to assign them all kinds of super-powers and special features. In most of the cases, we are easily caught in the endless loop of exaggerations.

We sure hope that these heartless brainiacs have had more than enough of fun. We don’t need any more of these heartbreaking “experiments”, do we? Who knows what more can cross their “creative” minds? Please, don’t suggest them anything crazy and painful for our dear cyber-pets. Please.

The United Colors Of Apple


Even the IT giants, such as Apple itself, can make ridiculous, unreasonable, and very often damaging mistakes. Emoticons for the different races of Apple users. This sounds like a nice idea in theory. However, when you try to implement it in the real life, then you hit a wall with a surprising strength.

What were they thinking? You are desperately trying to enter the Asian market with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and at the same time you are using yellow emoticons for the users with the Asian origin. This is impossible to comment properly. What happened to the universal values?

You can rest assured that these race-out-of-the-place emoticons are going to be used by the extremely short and unpleasant expiration date. At the same time, we still have this funny and awkward feeling that this was a bad prank. You can do us a huge favor by checking what is happening right now.

Either way the book about the biggest mistakes in the IT marketing just got itself an additional invaluable chapter. We sure hope that the other major IT league players have figured out what is the moral of this story. We sure hope that the iPhones will not change their colors in accordance with your race.

Are You FREAKing Out?


With its latest update IOS 8.2, Apple has allegedly solved the so-called “freak” security flaw. We can all relax now. Business as usual. Right? So, what went wrong and why did we need this security update, in the first place? This may come as a huge and painful surprise, but think about the encryption itself?

Why? Unfortunately, Apple’s crown jewel in terms of impeccable security features turn out to be its Achilles’ heel. The hackers could not go through the encryption layers with an ease you move through your favorite cheese, but the illusion is being broken. And now, there is no way back. Right?

The IOS 8.2 among other things was an admittance that the integrated encryption of our messages was not as powerful as we initially thought. Perhaps, the biggest danger, came from our false belief that we are bulletproof while in the encryption zone. We cannot tell for certain, can we?

Yet, it makes a perfect sense, doesn’t it? So, we are safe now. Nothing to worry about. We do not want to spoil this lovely mood, but you should be fully aware that while we are writing something is cooking in Apple’s kitchen. The IOS 8.3 is to hit your device anytime soon. What is the problem, now?

The Dark Decade


Whenever the most popular whistleblower in the world has something to say, you simply know it is not going to end up well for our cyber security. Edward Snowden is the usual suspect, when it comes to the most annoying partybreakers. So, what happened this time? Speak out you dark cloud.

It turns out that the bad busy little cyber bee in the NSA and the CIA have worked the entire decade in order to infiltrate the IOS system. They were stubborn and merciless, when it comes to the spying on iPhones and iPads. Have they succeeded? Did they bite the Apple, our precious apple?

That is the catch. We do not know, and probably we will never know, for sure. It also makes a perfect sense to claim that Android was not left aside. However, this simply makes you wonder and become helplessly restless, is there a place in the cyber space you can really feel safe and protected? 

The secret government agencies can simply afford themselves to get some of the leading Apple’s developers. You can scare or buy him or her, or touch an ego with an irresistible James Bond story. Why bother for the entire decade? It just does not make any sense, does it? Edward, what are you hiding?

Cyber Killing – A Safe Feeling


What do you know a kill switch has done an amazing job in preventing the problematic epidemic of smartphone thefts. In the first place, we are talking about the iPhones. However, this should be a strong indication for the rest of the smartphone family. The things have changed dramatically.

Three biggest cities in the world of smartphones have become the safest places for your cyber pets. San Francisco has recorded a decrease of more than 40% in the number of stolen smartphones compared to the previous dark periods. New York is not too far away from it with the impressive 25%.

What to say about London and the unprecedented 50% of its theft decrease? The kill switch has changed it all. It simply does not make any sense stealing a smartphone, which is protected with a kill switch, does it? The smartphone empire has obviously found a way to strike back and ensure its wealth.

Our smartphones are safe and sound thanks to the kill switch. Now, we can kindly ask Apple, and Google if interested, to spread the field of cyber protection. We do not need a kill switch for the software itself, but we need something equally effective to make the hackers think twice before they strike.

Wear Gloves


When? Why? Well, it turns out that the Apple Touch ID is not as safe as we thought it was. Why? Some busy little cyber bees managed to trick the system itself. How? For what is worth, you can use pictures of someone’s fingerprints to clone the actual fingerprint and use it for a safe passage through the Touch ID system.

It sounds simple, but it is actually a tough rocket science. You need the top quality of photos, including the right angles. At the end of the day, if someone allows him or herself a luxury to expose the fingerprints for hacker’s cloning, then does he or she have the right to complain, in the first place?

This is not supposed to be our contribution to the android paranoid behavioral patterns. However, you should be fully aware that these things are the bitter reality. Do you really need to wear the gloves, all the time? Yes and no. At least you should know that even the Touch ID cannot offer you the absolute protection.

Maybe, the moral of this story is that we should not mess with the eye scanners at the next level. There has to be a way to provide a proper protection for your smartphone with no SF scenarios and gadgets. You do not need to impress anyone. All you have to do is to be efficient. Right?

Activation Lock Deactivating Crime


Here are some encouraging statistics. The rate of stolen smartphones has declined from 30 to 40%. We should thank Apple for this change in a crime tide. It turns out that the Activation Lock has been just the thing we needed the most. What is the use of stealing a smartphone, if you cannot use it in the first place?

As soon as someone tries to turn off Find My iPhone option on your lost or stolen iPhone, the Activation Lock will take care of it all for you. No one can hide your iPhone from you nor access the sensitive data. For all of you, who have some really important data, there is always an option to destroy your phone remotely.

It really comes as a surprise that you can do so many positive and beneficial things with a simple feature such as this one. On the other hand, the next generation of thieves would really have to be a smart one in order to deal with the smartphones and their top protection cyber measures. Right?

For the time being, we should relax and enjoy our safety. It is going to take a while before some ingenious hackers find a way to deal with this protection measure. As long as we have something simple and efficient such as the Activation Lock, we can forget about troubles of losing the most precious gadget.

FinSpy Don’t Cry For IOS


The busy little bees from the Gamma Group has come up with an intriguing report. They have used something called the FinSpy to test the malware resistance strength of Android, IOS, BlackBerry, and some older versions of Windows Phone. The results? Well, they are both interesting and controversial.

It seems that the FinSpy was able to do its dirty work on all of these except the IOS. To be honest, even iPhone could not resist the true force of its malware dark side. However, this malware was able to penetrate iPhone’s only when it was in a so-called jailbreak mode. Intriguing enough, isn’t it?

On the other side, we do not want you to get the wrong impression that with an iPhone is nothing to worry about. The SpyFin is the legitimate cyber weapon used by the government agencies. Every iPhone has an open secret backdoor, which is more than enough to keep you restless about your privacy.

Our word of advice is, do not trust to results published by numerous surveys. Do not even trust your own smartphone. As a matter of fact, you should follow the golden NSA rule. If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about. It’s really that simple. For your own good, do not be stubborn about this one. Will you?