Samsung Galaxy Mega 2


It seems that everything related to Samsung has to be mega, literally. Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 is going to definitely live up to its reputation and name. This model will redefine our ideas about the size of smartphones. With the 7-inches display it is going to be the biggest guy in the neighborhood, including the former king of king-size Smartphones Sony Xperia Z Ultra with a 6.4-inch display.

When it comes to the price itself, we can only guess based on what we know about the Mega #1. Its price was somewhere around $500 give it or take. This is definitely a refreshing surprise. Just because it is mega in its size, it does not necessarily mean that the price itself will be mega, as well. Having this in mind, we can say that everything up to $600 or $650 for this model will be hard to resist.

On the other side, if your model’s display size is your best argument, then you are very likely to fail in the market. We have every reason to believe that the guys at Samsung are pretty much aware about this simple fact. For what is worth, they will certainly do their best to include some breathtaking features in order to justify the mega name itself.

It is worth mentioning that with these gigantic models over the border line of 6.5-inches, we are really testing the patience and understanding of all potential smartphone users. What are you supposed to do with mega model of amazing 7-inch display? Do you need to have an impressive size of the-basketball-hands in order to successfully use it? We sure hope that this mega-size model will not end up as one more mega-disappointment.