Google Maps Privacy Traps


Here is a simple experiment, which can make you consider your privacy more seriously. It comes without saying that you have already tried to type your own name in Google search engines more than once. How about Google Maps? How about that for a change? You will be surprised.

However, there is a catch about the way you do it. Do not type your full name. You should try with an email, or a username associated with your social network account. Oh boy, you are going to be blown away, when you see how much is there in Google Maps about you and your movement.

Now, you see how crucial the location can be for your privacy. Do you have to disclose it so easily each time you use some service or install a new app. On the other side, it would be wrong to think that you should hide away from Google Maps and its associated location services.

However, you should invest at least a couple of additional invaluable seconds before making a final decision about sharing your location with a service or an app. You are not a secret agent nor on the FBI most wanted list, but you can think twice about your reckless behavior.