KIS Multi-Device 2016


If you are looking for seeing the KISS word in our post’s title, then you are definitely a huge fan of heavy metal and rock music. We have to disappoint you a little bit. The KIS stands for Kaspersky Internet Security. This Multi-Device thing definitely rocks, and there is also one more detail.

Under these extremely difficult circumstances for Kaspersky, caused by the Reuter’s controversial announcement, the busy little bees in Kaspersky need to focus and do things they do the best. Therefore, this new Multi-Device is more than welcomed in this situation.

This package is supposed to work and protect you on all mobile platforms, including Android, IOS, and Windows Phone. Yet, for what is worth, Kaspersky admits that a Windows Phone is the safest thing you can get right now. One may say, only because it is not so popular as Android or IOS.

On the other hand, we sure hope that one day, the guys involved in the Multi-Device project are not going to say that there were some “artificial” viruses and malware developed by the same people for some “controversial” purposes. Otherwise, all of these are going to be in vain. Right?

Samsung Works Out Its Security Muscles


How about regular mobile security updates on a monthly basis? Does this sound like a good plan for Samsung users? On the other hand, we just cannot help ourselves wondering, what made Samsung to turn the security “tide”, in this field, all of a sudden?

Well, from what we have heard, Google has initiated this security avalanche. How? For what is worth, Google wants to ensure the top security of its Nexus users. Regular security updates will become a common thing for them, regardless of current Nexus model or version they are using.

Samsung obviously thinks that this is a good idea. After all, they live in the same Android neighborhood, don’t they? If we are going to get regular and periodical security updates, then we are sure that someone is going to take care about our cyber-safety. Right?

Our hats are off to Samsung for this win-win strategy. It comes without saying that users are going to appreciate and award it accordingly. We just cannot wait to get the first available updates in this field. Keep up with the good work Samsung, and Android will remain to be the primary number one mobile choice.

The Return Of Wild Neutron


Kaspersky Lab has issued the most serious warning in 2015. The notorious Wild Neutron is back on its malicious track. Among the potential targets are: France, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Palestine, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, UAE, Algeria and the USA.

In addition, we can expect from the following corporate entities to be among the primary goals for the Wild Neutron in the above mentioned countries: law and insurance firms, Bitcoin and investment companies, large IT companies, healthcare and real estate corporations.

So, the rest of use, so-called ordinary mortal users can relax, for a while. So, how they do it? Well, from what we know for sure, more or less, they heavily exploit the security flaw in the Adobe Flash Player. Could this be the reason for the cancellation of hospitality for this player among major IT players?

Well, it could be very easily. Mozilla, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter just had enough of Adobe Flash Player associated trouble. Can you eliminate the Wild Neutron, if you remove the Adobe Flash Player from your system? Well, this is undoubtedly a good question to ask. What do you think?



We have just heard an intriguing news about the new cyber-security partnership. For what is worth, Facebook and Kaspersky are teaming up. What for? Why this sudden change for Faceboom? Before we even try to answer these questions, we have to say that this is a clear win-win.

Facebook has tried it all. You name some of the major security brands, Facebook has tried them all, already. However, it is more than obvious that they were not up to the Facebook’s security standards. That is why, Facebook has decided to turn a new leaf in this field.

From now on, as a Facebook user, you can rely on Kaspersky for your security concerns. The great thing is that Kaspersky Lab will assist you for free. Of course, if you want a more thorough analysis and detailed cleaning of your infected files, you will have to pay for it. Time to discuss a win-win scenario.

On the one side, Kaspersky just could not wish for a better way to advertise. On the other side, Facebook has solved an annoying problem with its users. You have a security trouble, then go on and bother Kaspersky for a change. Let us see how this one is going to work in the real cyber life.

PayPal Your Digital Pal


PayPal has quite a notorious reputation, when it comes to its refunding policies. However, for what is worth, PayPal has improved its protection for the so-called “digital goods”. So, what is this supposed to mean exactly? Do we need to use some plain English expressions in order to explain?

From now on, you will be able to complain, when something you order and you cannot exactly touch it with fingers, such as music or a movie, is not exactly in accordance with your expectations. This is a huge and important change, which should have taken place earlier.

Apparently, some busy little bees in PayPal have realized that the money has gone mobile these days. If you want to make your users to spend more, then you have to ensure that they are protected and secured properly. This kind of an “investment” always pays off in the long run.

We presume that our financial transactions and credit card details are safe and protected, as well. Right PayPal? This is a simple cause-and-effect situation, where the more safe you feel, the more you are willing to spend. Right again PayPal? Our hats off for this one, that is for sure.

For Our Korean Eyes Only


Not so long ago, the fingerprint scan technology for the top smartphones was a matter of true prestige and the absolute security imperative. Nowadays, we have become spoiled and extremely picky users, who are hungry like the mobile wolves, when it comes to new shiny things.

Bigger-better-stronger, and by default more expensive has become the dominant imperative in the latest mobile development. So, how about an eye-scanner for your smartphone? Would you like to use some of this James Bond technology for your cyber-mobile-pet? Samsung and LG are up to the taks.

We have no doubts that this new rocket science technology is going to be a safe one. But, we have some second thoughts, when it comes to its efficiency and reliability. Are we going to be obliged to do this eye-scanning thing each time we want to use our smartphone? How quick it would be?

Just when you thought that the evil-cyber-empire has had enough of our private data, there is bad news, such as this one, to prove you all wrong. What was that old saying about eyes and windows? Maybe, some windows and doors are the best as they are right now. Closed.

Walking On The Password Edge


We have been literally bombarded by the endless series of news associated with the new Windows 10. Expect this, here comes that. It is more than obvious that grandpa Microsoft wants to impress us in each and any way possible. Everything and anything will be different and improved.

What about the cyber security? Grandpa Microsoft has no other choice than to cover all the fields, including this one among others with the shiny new features. This is how, its browsing pride and joy called the Edge is going to come with the fully functional Password Manager.

We know and completely understand that you may have quite a few prejudices about the password helpers. Why? It can be easily explained with the golden rule, do not put all of your eggs in one basket. On the other side, managing and memorizing all those passwords is not a pleasant thing.

For what is worth, this password manager will walk only on the browsing Edge. All passwords required for the numerous websites will be saved and managed accordingly. We only hope that grandpa Microsoft has prepared itself properly for the single basket worst case scenario.

No Keys, No Doors, Only Windows


There are so many new things that we are very likely to experience with Windows 10. It is almost impossible to keep a track of them all. It seems that every single element in the great MS puzzle is going to be turned upside down or replaced. This also includes the legendary activation keys, as well.

From what we know for sure, Windows 10 activation is going to be a fully automatized process. You will not be required to do a thing about it. So, forget about all those activation key numbers and letters you have to type patiently and precisely. This thing is a history now.

If you already own a legal version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, then this is supposed to be a carefree experience. Right? You wake up one lovely day in July, and you realize that your computer runs in the new Windows 10 environment. So, what is going to happen with the illegal “leftovers”?

Apparently, they will have to purchase Windows 10, or deal with the activation key in some of the older Windows versions. We all know that at the end of the long business day at Microsoft, all that is going to truly matter, is how many people bought or use the new shiny OS star called – Windows 10.

Cyberphone The New BlackPhone


Since the beginning of the smartphone time, we have dreamed about the magical model, which will be a synonym for the uncompromising safety and bulletproof privacy. This is how, we have ended up one fine day with a thing called the BlackPhone under our pillow. Yet, that was not enough.

The main purpose of this dark-knight-smartphone was to encrypt all of your mobile data. Protection of your privacy was its primary and only purpose. However, we still could not find a solution for the secure mobile transactions. This is the reason, the Cyberphone is introduced.

This is the early part of the smartphone day, that is why, we cannot tell you a lot. This smartphone, which comes with a straightforward name Cyberphone, walks in the mysterious mobile ways, as it should be. Nevertheless, this does not solve all of our problems. We need a double-bubble solution.

What if the Cyberphone and the Blackphone can have kids? Smart kids, if possible. This way, we will be able to kill two most troubling cyber-threats with just one smart-stone-phone. Protecting privacy, while ensuring safe mobile transactions. It really sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Don’t Apple Watch And Drive


One driver had to pay a $120 ticket. What for? He was using his Apple Watch while driving. Obviously, the police does not like to see you look for a favorite song while being stuck in traffic. So, what is the moral of this story? New technologies brought us new troubles?

One of the police officers was a little bit more thoughtful in this matter. His word of advice is that we have to catch up with the new devices in terms of appropriate laws and regulations. We do not want reckless drivers on our streets. However, we also do not want to pay a huge price for our precious cyber-pets.

For the time being there is no acceptable middle ground for both parties. We are pretty much convinced that the authorities are exaggerating. On the other hand, the police officers on the field believe that the new smart devices strongly contribute to the reckless and dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

It seems that we have to come up with a new series of smart devices, which will be safe-drive-friendly. Until then, we should think twice before pressing shining buttons while driving. We do not want for smart devices put us in the dumb situations, do we? Do not Apple Watch and drive!