This is a lot of “las”. What is the thing with this 4XLa? This is undoubtedly a ground shaking concept, if it is to be true and fully functional, which can change the IT landscape beyond recognition. In plain English, we can describe this device as the mobile Google Translate. And, that is only the beginning.

With the 4La you can focus on a certain person and ensure that all background noise is eliminated. In addition, you can get a rough, but an immediate translation. All of these in a discrete hearing device, you will hardly notice. You can connect it with your smartphone or include some kind of smart glasses.

Then, how come we have not heard a little bit more about it? Maybe, this is only a baby concept. There are so many practical issues to be solved first. What is going to happen with the price itself? This way it looks like a list of wishes for some IT enthusiast. Additionally, who is to carry out this idea, in the first place?

For what is worth, we sure hope that this story will not end up with a simple lalalala song. We need the SF concepts, such as this one to keep us warm at night. However, in order to function on a daily basis, we would need something more realistic and practical. Keep on dreaming. Keep on imagining.