Mobile Games, Real Pains


Time for some Kaspersky Lab reports. You know how it goes, don’t you? After reading one, you can write off your day, because you will feel terrible for a good reason. This time the Kaspersky Lab has teamed up with the Interpol itself to draw our attention to some malicious mobile things happening in our neighborhood.

If the mobile users in your country are getting used to pay for various services on a huge scale, then you should be aware of the SMS Trojans for a change. These bad boys make you pay for the services you have not ordered in the first place. One in five smartphones gets some of these unwanted guests at some point in time.

So, what is the moral of this report? Follow the cash flow, and you will be able to see where a certain malware is very likely to strike next. It sounds simple, but somewhere on the mobile phone line, we got lost in translation. Our ignorance and reckless behavior are our worst enemies in the cyber world.

Until the next Kaspersky Lab report and some new how-to-ruin-your-mood discoveries. We hope that this next report will not catch by a surprise. It would be a nice thing to witness something like, oh I knew about this one and I am so lucky it has missed me. This was the best case scenario. How about the other one?