Xiaomi Sends All Data Back To China?


Here is an extremely disturbing rumor. Apparently, Xiaomi models send all user data back to China, including SMS, as well. In other words, as soon as you start using a Xiaomi smartphone, you become a part of the Chinese version of the Big Brother without your knowledge or approval. Is this true?

Well, something is certainly happening with the Xiaomi smartphones. On the other side, it is worth asking what is the motivation behind these accusations? Are we worried more about our security and privacy, or the unprecedented success and growing power of this so-called Chinese Apple?

Did you know that Xiaomi was able to sell 15,000 MI3 models in India in less than two seconds? In addition, for the very first time Xiaomi dominated its home ground after the years of indisputable Samsung’s rule in China. These facts are more than enough for some smartphone players to start worrying.

Do not be surprised, if the next thing to hear is an appeal not to buy smartphones, which come from China. Without any exaggeration we can say that the next thing is the smartphone nationalism. On the other hand, Samsung comes from the South Korea, but at least they are our allies. Right?