Adblock Browser Goes Mobile


Here is a great news for all you busy cyber little mobile bees, who can stand to be constantly bombarded by the endless annoying ads. The famous Adblock Browser app has decided to go mobile. Both Android and IOS users are going to appreciate this decision so much.

How efficient this app is going to be in the mobile environment? Well, this is a tough question to answer to. Apparently, Adblock Browser offers much more with its mobile edition. For example, there is a solid promise that your battery’s life is going to be improved. Seriously?

What is the connection between ads and a smartphone’s battery? Adblock Browser should do, what is does the best. Fight the ads. This may seem as only the one and insufficient thing to offer to spoiled and demanding smartphone users, but mark our words, it is more than enough.

We can only wish for the favorable mobile winds and rewarding profit sea for this popular app. Yet, the mobile money can make apps do funny things. We sure hope our Adblock Browser is not going to be among them. Otherwise, this is going to become one more sad mobile story.

125 Billion Reasons


Here are some mind blowing data about the brave new future of mobile transactions. In no more than two years from now, you can expect a turnover of more than $125 billion on a yearly level. In other words, mobile payments and transactions are going to explode by the end of 2018.

Yes, cyber boys and girls, our precious money has become mobile, and there is nothing we can do about it. Our precious shiny gadgets are going to rain money for all kinds of service providers and product distributors. Everything and anything related to mobile sphere has a fantastic lucrative potential.

However, it would be tragically wrong to hope and expect that hackers are going to miss or sleep over this tremendous change. You can rest assured that they are already working hard on the next generation of malicious mobile solutions. This is a gold rush for them as much as it is for us.

Which brings us to the third participant of our story. If you are working or plan to work in the cyber security industry, then this is the right moment for you yo become a true cyber-star. Oh dear, there will be plenty of work for the cyber security busy little bees. Probably more they can handle.

Android Lock Patterns = Passwords


It is really hard to believe that the ALPs or the Android Lock Patterns can be unforgivingly ridiculous as the ones, we have had a chance to examine for our good old passwords. When it comes to passwords, you can create an endless list of the easiest ones, you can figure out in a second.

Do we have to remind of some of the golden hits, such as 12345678 or the password as a password itself? Well, the same pattern exists among the numerous Android users. There are very few common patterns, which can allow you to unlock almost any smartphone. What is your excuse?

It seems that we are helplessly lazy and reckless, when it comes to our passwords and lock patterns. Then, if you do not want to learn it the easy way, the hackers will make sure you will remember it the hard way. Is there nothing we can do about it, for real? Have not you learned a thing, so far?

For some users passwords or smartphone lock patterns are obviously not necessary. Having a poor and a weak password or lock pattern is just like you do not have any. And, at the end of the long security day, you have the nerve to complain about the unsatisfactory state of cyber security.

Samsung Pay Doesn’t Like The Rooted Play


Samsung Pay was introduced almost hand-in-hand with its latest flagships Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. However, the latest announcement has it that Samsung is not going to allow you to use this mobile payment service, if you are planning to run it on the so-called rooted devices.

Why? Is that a fair thing to do? Well, from the Samsung’s point of view, it certainly is. If you want to succeed in the cyber world, you just have to follow the money flow, as simple and as complicated as that. All eyes, ears, and especially fingers are on the mobile money.

Apple Pay is already fully operational. Google wants to improve its Wallet service even further. And, the list goes on and on. Every major IT players nowadays has its own mobile payment service. It is not a matter of prestige, but the basic business survival, under the new circumstances.

That is why, Samsung simply cannot afford itself a luxury of compromising its golden goose called Samsung Pay. What you are going to do with your rooted phone is your own thing, but you can forget about payment operations with it. Fair or not fair, Samsung has made up its mind in this situation.

Xiaomi Sends All Data Back To China?


Here is an extremely disturbing rumor. Apparently, Xiaomi models send all user data back to China, including SMS, as well. In other words, as soon as you start using a Xiaomi smartphone, you become a part of the Chinese version of the Big Brother without your knowledge or approval. Is this true?

Well, something is certainly happening with the Xiaomi smartphones. On the other side, it is worth asking what is the motivation behind these accusations? Are we worried more about our security and privacy, or the unprecedented success and growing power of this so-called Chinese Apple?

Did you know that Xiaomi was able to sell 15,000 MI3 models in India in less than two seconds? In addition, for the very first time Xiaomi dominated its home ground after the years of indisputable Samsung’s rule in China. These facts are more than enough for some smartphone players to start worrying.

Do not be surprised, if the next thing to hear is an appeal not to buy smartphones, which come from China. Without any exaggeration we can say that the next thing is the smartphone nationalism. On the other hand, Samsung comes from the South Korea, but at least they are our allies. Right?

KitKat Security Smart


According to the most recent findings of IBM security experts, it seems that KitKat and other newer Android versions have a serious security flaw. The main focus of their report was the KeyStore segment of the Android OS. The things could not get worse in this matter for Android, could they? How are we to interpret these findings?

Well, this is definitely a bad news for all Android users. KeyStore is the most important and sensitive component for the proper security functioning of any system. It would be very interesting to see how Google will react about this one. We are also not sure whether or not the IBM can claim the bug bounty, in the first place?

For what is worth, being the number one platform for mobile devices in the world, certainly draws a lot of attention both positive and negative one. Living under the spotlights is definitely not an easy thing. However, Google has probably gotten used to it by now. What about the signature of these findings?

Well, we sure hope that Microsoft or Apple signatures are completely eliminated in these cases. Who is who’s best friend in this story is a question worth million dollars. It comes without saying that Android has been extremely successful. We sure hope that they will be dedicated enough to security issues solving, as well.

Korben’s Report


It seems that one French blogger was a busy little bee. He had apparently discovered one, at least to say quite a bizarre security flaw associated with the MediaTek chips. So, let us see what has our friend Korben discovered and why it is so important from the security point of view? Should we hate or adore him for what he had done?

Here is the funny part of this intriguing story. Korben has figured it out, that when you send “=” through an SMS to some smartphones, which uses MediaTek chips, the following happens. Your smartphone restarts automatically after receiving this message. Really disturbing, isn’t it? What can we do about it?

Well, you have two options. Either you will acquire a new smartphone without these chips, or hope that your friends will not kill your phone with these “=” SMS. How can this happen and be possible in the first place, is yet unknown. What we need to know to eliminate this trouble, is also unknown.

We do not have to guess twice what is happening in your head as you read this post, do we? You are probably wondering, what can happen if you try some other symbols for these MediaTek related SMS? How thin is a borderline between restarting and hacking a smartphone? Well, we hope youwillnot be the one to find out.

Bosnia vs The World


No, we are not referring to the World Cup in Brazil. It may come as a surprise, but Bosnia is the richest country in the world when you take only one criteria into consideration – the number of mobile phones. In Bosnia you have an average of 100 people using 91 mobile phones. As you can see Bosnia is an unofficial winner of the mobile phones world cup.

Here is some additional information to illustrate this intriguing phenomena. For example, in Turkey you have an average of 90 mobile phones for 100 people. For quite a long time China has been considered as one of the leading countries in the world when we take into consideration the average number of mobile phones. It is shocking that they have an average of “only” 89.

It seems that the moral of this interesting story is quite an indicative one. Perhaps when you are examining certain market, you should take into consideration the readiness of people to acquire your product or service, rather than to focus on the amount of an average salary. For what is worth, the citizens of some of the wealthiest countries in the world proved us all wrong about this one.

It is worth mentioning that apparently the smaller a country is, the higher the probability is that more mobile phones will be used by its citizens. One very serious rumor has it that there are some countries, which challenge this ratio with an unprecedented number of devices. Montenegro has more mobile phones than its citizens. One of the least likely places in the world for the mobile phones world cup finals to take place – the Balkans.

One Month – Ten Million Deliveries


This is really something worth of both admiration and respect. Samsung has been able to deliver 10 million Galaxy S5 devices in less than a month. Although, delivering is not the same as selling, it is still quite a remarkable figure. In addition, it is the new record for Samsung, which is unparalleled to any other similar model.

Let us compare this success with other highly successful Samsung models in order to get an idea about its true magnitude. Galaxy S model needed 7 months to hit this figure of delivered devices. Galaxy S2 required 5 months and Galaxy S3 50 days. The best result till now was the proud owner of Galaxy S4 with 27 days.

Well, Galaxy S5 made it in 25 days. How about that? However, there is a dark cloud above this shining success. As you probably know, there are so many users, who are not thrilled with its “plastic” shell. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves how many S5 Prime models would be necessary to deal with this serious critique.

For what is worth, Samsung can be more or less relaxes as long as it hits dozens of millions in deliverables when it comes to the new models. On the other hand, when you are selling more than you ever hopped you should make your products to be the best ever in performance, not the cheapest ever in production.

TINSTAFL Version for Smartphones


Do you know what does TINSTAFL stand for? There Is No Such Thing As Free Lunch. Although, this may seem a little bit heartless, we are talking about one of the leading principles in capitalism. Now, let us apply this one to the fascinating world of smartphones. Who should we call to demonstrate this principle in real business life?

How about Google? It seems that some dirty laundry has surfaced during the second legal clash between Apple and Samsung. Google’s Mobile Apps Distribution Agreement is really something. If you want to make smartphones based on Android, then there are so many things you have to accept unconditionally. Let us start.

When it comes to this, Google Search Engine and Google Play are the absolute must. Do we have to mention that Gmail and Google Maps are almost impossible to avoid. As you can see, Android platform comes with a certain additional “price”. Who is to pay for it eventually is a completely different question. In most of the cases the users themselves.

It comes almost without saying that Google can stand aside in this legal conflict between Apple and Samsung. Having in mind that Samsung is its biggest customer and Apple the most formidable adversary the things just could not be clearer for Google in this matter. Let us wait and see, if this unprecedented legal conflict is to include more than just two parties as originally planned.