Temptations of the Benchmark Tests


Benchmark test temptations are so hard to resist, aren’t they? So, how we are supposed to trust them after all what have happened recently. Remember, Samsung was messing up with these tests. Now, it seems that HTC just could not say no to some “adjustments”. Samsung’s disclosure has collapsed the entire benchmark test’s structure. Now, everyone’s performance is under a big question sign.

The repeated tests have shown a dramatic change in the HTC One performance results. And now, they are in trouble just like Samsung once was. When you hear something like this, you have to ask yourself why some of the Smartphone major league players allow themselves a luxury to fake more or less the results of benchmark tests? Are we paying enough attention to these tests in the first place?

There is one more test, which is absolutely reliable. You can’t even dare to cheat on this one. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to guess that we are referring to the customers’ tests. The market itself always says with a guarantee who is who and which model deserves our admiration. Therefore, the producers should worry more about what customers have to say and not some tests.

On the other side, it is more than obvious that the producers of Smartphones are apparently trying to influence our impressions about a certain device with these benchmark tests. However, let us face it who needs these tests for real, when we can try a phone ourselves. That is the best possible guarantee we can get that a certain model will match our expectations. Happy testing!

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