The Smartphone Which Knew Too Much


It comes without saying that while two parties are fighting the third one takes an advantage. It is hard to believe, but Samsung actually used one of Apple’s intern document which includes Android. How about this one? This already sounds like an excellent crime story. So, what is so special about this allegedly top secret document?

It seems that Apple was terrified that Android could seriously damage iPhone’s sales. Apple’s sales team was worried that cheaper phones with bigger screens have better chances in the market compared with the smaller more expensive models. On the other hand, it is “refreshing” to see how Apple criticizes Samsung’s enormous marketing budgets.

For what is worth, even Apple can be petrified for a moment when it comes to the positioning troubles on the market. Even Apple has some serious difficulties to convince itself about its superiority. Its sales team has revealed with this document that Android got an unexpected recognition for the quality from the most formidable adversary in the market.

From this perspective, we can only wish for more trials of this kind in the future. Who knows what more can be revealed? Unfortunately, we need an official court procedure to learn more about the truth behind the high walls of our favorite IT giants. It seems that we definitely need some kind of WikiLeaks business or even smartphone edition.

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