TINSTAFL Version for Smartphones


Do you know what does TINSTAFL stand for? There Is No Such Thing As Free Lunch. Although, this may seem a little bit heartless, we are talking about one of the leading principles in capitalism. Now, let us apply this one to the fascinating world of smartphones. Who should we call to demonstrate this principle in real business life?

How about Google? It seems that some dirty laundry has surfaced during the second legal clash between Apple and Samsung. Google’s Mobile Apps Distribution Agreement is really something. If you want to make smartphones based on Android, then there are so many things you have to accept unconditionally. Let us start.

When it comes to this, Google Search Engine and Google Play are the absolute must. Do we have to mention that Gmail and Google Maps are almost impossible to avoid. As you can see, Android platform comes with a certain additional “price”. Who is to pay for it eventually is a completely different question. In most of the cases the users themselves.

It comes almost without saying that Google can stand aside in this legal conflict between Apple and Samsung. Having in mind that Samsung is its biggest customer and Apple the most formidable adversary the things just could not be clearer for Google in this matter. Let us wait and see, if this unprecedented legal conflict is to include more than just two parties as originally planned.

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