One Month – Ten Million Deliveries


This is really something worth of both admiration and respect. Samsung has been able to deliver 10 million Galaxy S5 devices in less than a month. Although, delivering is not the same as selling, it is still quite a remarkable figure. In addition, it is the new record for Samsung, which is unparalleled to any other similar model.

Let us compare this success with other highly successful Samsung models in order to get an idea about its true magnitude. Galaxy S model needed 7 months to hit this figure of delivered devices. Galaxy S2 required 5 months and Galaxy S3 50 days. The best result till now was the proud owner of Galaxy S4 with 27 days.

Well, Galaxy S5 made it in 25 days. How about that? However, there is a dark cloud above this shining success. As you probably know, there are so many users, who are not thrilled with its “plastic” shell. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves how many S5 Prime models would be necessary to deal with this serious critique.

For what is worth, Samsung can be more or less relaxes as long as it hits dozens of millions in deliverables when it comes to the new models. On the other hand, when you are selling more than you ever hopped you should make your products to be the best ever in performance, not the cheapest ever in production.

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