James Samsung Bond



It seems that the guys at Samsung are never bored. The great thing about the major league IT players, especially the ones dealing with the smartphones, is that you do not have to worry that your ideas are too eccentric or impossible. On the other side, it is definitely worth mentioning that from time to time you should know where to draw a line. Right?

So, what happened with Samsung? Samsung is obviously so obsessed with the concept of smartwatches that the next big thing is on the horizon, and it is called – a smart-watch-phone. What in the world is that? Well, that is a smartwatch, which can be used as a smartphone. Are you confused? Are you asking yourself, what is the catch with this one?

As you already know, in order to use your smartwatch you are required to ensure the flawless connection with your smartphones. That is the only what you will be able to make or receive phone calls on your smartwatch, including SMS, emails, and other functions reserved only for the smartphone. It comes without saying that this is an impressive effort on behalf of Samsung.

However, we cannot avoid asking one more logical question. If you can do all you want or need with your smartwatch, why would you use your smartphone in the first place? If you can trap yourself by overselling, can you jeopardize your business position by “over-inventing”? Well, that is up to Samsung to find out, this way or another.

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