The Blind Man Who Taught Himself How To Hack


Although, you may find this story hard to believe, we are actually referring to a true event, which took place in Zambia. Believe it or nor, a blind hacker is facing a two years imprisonment for his crimes. Yes, you got that one right. He is a blind person. He lives in one of the last countries you could possibly expect for a hacking to occur.

And yes, he was able to successfully hack one of the leading Zambian telecommunication companies. In addition, this extraordinary hacker was able to ensure access to mobile phones used by the Zambian minister of defense and minister of foreign affairs. So, what was the damage caused by his hacking activities?

Well, no more than $4,000 for the period of four years. Pay attention, only for the phone bills on the “borrowed” phones. For what is worth, we do not favor or support crime in any form or situation. However, this remarkable individual, who was able to overcome his disability, definitely deserves a better fate than a jail time.

At least what Zambian government can do in his case, is to offer him a well-paid full-time job in either some telecommunication department or in the police. He has proven his talents already, hasn’t he? A man like him you definitely need to have as your most trusted ally. Never as your worst enemy. Right?

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