KitKat Security Smart


According to the most recent findings of IBM security experts, it seems that KitKat and other newer Android versions have a serious security flaw. The main focus of their report was the KeyStore segment of the Android OS. The things could not get worse in this matter for Android, could they? How are we to interpret these findings?

Well, this is definitely a bad news for all Android users. KeyStore is the most important and sensitive component for the proper security functioning of any system. It would be very interesting to see how Google will react about this one. We are also not sure whether or not the IBM can claim the bug bounty, in the first place?

For what is worth, being the number one platform for mobile devices in the world, certainly draws a lot of attention both positive and negative one. Living under the spotlights is definitely not an easy thing. However, Google has probably gotten used to it by now. What about the signature of these findings?

Well, we sure hope that Microsoft or Apple signatures are completely eliminated in these cases. Who is who’s best friend in this story is a question worth million dollars. It comes without saying that Android has been extremely successful. We sure hope that they will be dedicated enough to security issues solving, as well.

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