Korben’s Report


It seems that one French blogger was a busy little bee. He had apparently discovered one, at least to say quite a bizarre security flaw associated with the MediaTek chips. So, let us see what has our friend Korben discovered and why it is so important from the security point of view? Should we hate or adore him for what he had done?

Here is the funny part of this intriguing story. Korben has figured it out, that when you send “=” through an SMS to some smartphones, which uses MediaTek chips, the following happens. Your smartphone restarts automatically after receiving this message. Really disturbing, isn’t it? What can we do about it?

Well, you have two options. Either you will acquire a new smartphone without these chips, or hope that your friends will not kill your phone with these “=” SMS. How can this happen and be possible in the first place, is yet unknown. What we need to know to eliminate this trouble, is also unknown.

We do not have to guess twice what is happening in your head as you read this post, do we? You are probably wondering, what can happen if you try some other symbols for these MediaTek related SMS? How thin is a borderline between restarting and hacking a smartphone? Well, we hope youwillnot be the one to find out.

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