The “CosmicDuke” Hits Like A Nuke


What do you know even the viruses have to be updated every now and then. It seems that the “white software” rules apply more or less in the same way for the “black software”. So, what happened? Well, the former MiniDuke has evolved into a CosmicDuke. And, that is only the beginning of this story.

According to the findings of Kaspersky Lab experts, we can expect improved features of this espionage Trojan. In addition, for these particular purposes hackers were willing to cooperate and even share the source codes among themselves. Apparently the CosmicDuke has borrowed, some things from an older malware guy called Cosmu.

This malware has a remarkable one.decade long history. It definitely has some useful materials to contribute in CosmicDuke’s unlawful quest. The funny thing about this one, though, is that the priorities have changed. While MiniDuke was targeted specifically the governments, its younger version CosmicDuke has different objectivess.

As a matter of fact, the CosmicDuke has a specific target group, which includes people involved in the distribution of hormones and steroids. Therefore, there are some rumors that a pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the very birth of the CosmicDuke. How about that for a change?

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