A Phishing Season is Open


It seems, that the guys at the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) were busy little bees. They gave us some cold shower data for the first quarter of this year. The phishing activities have apparently reached the 10% increase in this period. Have not we thought something out of it?

The business is going well for the phishing industry. What do you know they have even decided to spread their activities. For some time, we thought that the phishing targets will only be major financial and bank related websites. Unfortunately, nowadays you can easily get caught on some grocery chain’s website.

There is one more intriguing fact in this story. More than one half of all phishing websites in the world are located in the USA. On the other hand, the absolute majority of all victims comes from the USA, as well. Do not get the wrong idea that the phishing is mainly the US domestic problem.

New problems definitely ask for new genuine solutions. We should do something about it, but what exactly? That is not quite sure for the moment. Here is a challenge worth accepting for the IT security industry. We need a hero, who will bring down the phishing threat to zero.

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