Public Enemy No.1


It is official. iPhone is the Chinese public enemy No. 1. Why? Well, for Chinese its tracking and location feature is extremely problematic, and as it seems unacceptable. Frequent Locations is the name of this feature, and the national security is the primary concern in this matter.

The Chinese are worried that this tracking option can reveal some serious and sensitive information of the greatest priority for their national security, including the entire national economy?! To successfully track one billion people in China?! How many of them can afford an iPhone in the first place?

Or, maybe the Chinese are emotionally compromised in this matter. It is not a secret that the NSA-phobia is more than present in China. On the other side, there are constant complaints about the quality of technical support for Apple’s products in China. How to comment and interpret all of these.

Perhaps, the Chinese should find some better way to send a message that Apple is definitely not welcome there. Really confusing and tense, indeed. It is left to be seen what will be Apple’s official reaction about this one. It is hard to say to the biggest market on the planet: you are wrong.

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