Cyber Terror. Human Error.


According to the recent findings of the Ponemon institute for “The State of Data Centric Security” human errors and attitudes remain to be the biggest problem for the adequate IT security. The statistical percentages in this field are simply too depressing and discouraging to handle.

Although, the companies which took part in this survey recognized the threats and even suffered from cyber-attacks, more than 60% of them missed to take a serious action about it. Really hard to believe, and almost impossible to justify. There are so many excuses to simply paralyze all your efforts instantaneously.

We do not have enough qualified personnel. Our budget is limited. Other projects are our priority right now. We do not have time to do it right now. Do these excuses sound.familiar to you? What kind of a catastrophic damage we have to suffer from in order to come to our senses?

We can create a state of the art security solution all in vain. What is the use, if there is no one to use it properly or on time? Unfortunately, a human error still remains to be cyber-cryme’s most helpful ally. What do we have to do to change all of that? Think about it. Will you?

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