Are You Talking To My Smartphone?


This is how it should be done. No warrant – no smartphone. According to the Supreme Court’s decision police will not longer be able to examine the very content of your smartphone without a proper warrant. Well, it is about time. This news is much more serious than you might have thought.

Here is a name of case, which started an entire avalanche in this story, Riley v. California. The person from this case with a name Riley got himself convicted for a murder based on the evidences found by the police in his smartphone. The Supreme Court Judges were prety much determined about this one.

For them modern smartphones were much more than one additional gadget at our disposal. They have a greater legal potential in terms of evidences compared to your wallet or purse, for instance. No one can enter your home without a warrant, and no one can examine your smartphone without a warrant.

This is quite an unexpected, but extremely important recognition, which will definitely shake things a little bit. Police will from now on think twice once they get their hands on your smartphone this way or another. We have just won a battle in an endless war for our privacy.

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