Malware On The Run


According to the recent findings of the Anti-Phishing Group more than one third of all world’s computers could have been infected with some form of malware by now. Who or what is responsible for this unprecedented malware explosion? Well, the things have changed immensely in the meantime.

Not so long ago you had only one virus, which attacked thousand computers. Nowadays, you thousands and thousands of completely different types of viruses, which attack only one computer. This was a rather simplified illustration of the problem, but very nice one for you to get the right picture.

Here is one more thing to contribute strongly to the dawn of the malware rule. The catch is to do your thing without being detected in the first place. Compared to the “traditional” viruses the modern day malware may cause less damage, but they are extremely hard to be detected by the anti-virus programs.

So, what can we do about it? There is a good news in this endless pessimistic sea filled with trouble. The modern day malware always knocks at your device’s door. This way or another you take part in your own IT doom, if you are not careful enough. Think about it.

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