The NSA Loves the USA


Under some other circumstances, this title could have been used as a nice slogan or children’s song for the 4th of July. However, when you read what is to follow, you are very likely to spoil your good mood about this story. As always, Edward Snowden is to blame for your privacy worst nightmares.

It seems that the NSA has always nine of its ten eyes and all the time for the US citizens. Only one eye left is being used for the international terrorist threats. How is that possible? For what is worth, if you are an American citizen, who for some reason communicate with foreigners.

If for the purpose of this communication you use a foreign language, you qualify immediately for the NSA favorite target of the month. Sad but true, the NSA “cares” more about the potential domestic threats than the international ones. And, this is how we got to the privacy dead-end street.

It may seem as a huge contradiction, but the terrorists all over the world provide such a nice alibi and justification for the NSA’s activities on the home ground. This the trouble with the curve, which is not likely to be solved quickly or easily in the NSA case. Edward Snowden is not the person you should blame, that is for sure.

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