Dragonfly Make You Cry


Here is something you do not see very often in the world of cybercrime. The Dragonfly is a highly skilled and specialized hacking group, which targets specifically energy related IT infrastructure. According to one of the rumors Russia stands behind this group in both staff and logistics. This is how the Dragonfly got one more name.

The Energy Bear is its other name. You know how it goes, don’t you? The bear is an obvious association for Russia itself. And, the energy is for all the energy facilities under a direct threat of this group. It is worth mentioning that these Russian hackers target exclusively EU and USA based or related energy related companies.

Are they exaggerating? Are they sure these are Russian guys on the run? For what is worth, someone is causing so many troubles to the energy focused corporations. The Energy Bear has very powerful malware claws, that is for sure. On the other hand, after the recent events in Ukraine the energy sustainability is of the greatest importance for the Western Hemisphere.

Let us face it. The war is on. You can call it the continuation of the cold war. It has all the elements of an unprecedented energy conflict. Nowadays, the hackers are wearing government suits or even worse military uniforms. Cyber war is a reality more than ever. There has to be an appropriate answer coming from the West.

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