Tesla For Hacker Dummies


All of our hats off to Nikola Tesla, one of the most brilliant minds in an entire human history. Thanks to his inventions we are able to write our posts in the first place and you enjoy them on your devices, as well. No wonder, the inventors of one of the most successful oil-free cars honored their model with his name.

Now, after this relaxing and educational introduction you are ready for the right stuff. Did you know that you can hack a car? This is exactly what happened with the Tesla Model S. To make things even more interesting the hacking took place during the SyScan +360 security conference. The Chinese guys were after a prize of $10,000, that is their sin.

How they did it? Well, all they had to do is to hack the six digit code for the Tesla Model S mobile app. It is a secret how they managed to take control of almost all vital car’s functions in the first place. Unfortunately, this is a weak comfort for all current and potential Tesla car users. So, what is left for us to do?

For what is worth, be careful with your Bluetooth, radio, wireless, and navigation maps in your car, because through them you can get some unwanted virtual guests next to your seat. Maybe, it was not a smart thing to put a computer in your car, in the first place. You do not need a smart car. You need a smart driver and reliable machine. No more, no less.

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