Hackers Love Superman Too


The guys from the McAfee have a sharp expert IT security eye for all intriguing things taking place in the background, or to be a little bit more precise in the backstage. So, what do they have for us this time? They came up with a Superman warning. What are we talking about?

Well, it seems that hackers are using some of the most popular superheroes to camouflage their malicious links. If you do not think twice before you click on a certain link associated with your favorite superhero, there is a chance that you make unwanted friendship with some malware or Trojan.

These superheroes may fly and have all kinds of super-powers. However, when it comes to the cyber space there are quite helpless. As soon as you experience a close encounter with some malware or Trojan you need to call heroes of a different kind. Your IT security experts come for a rescue.

It is a sad thing that flawless Superman’s reputation has been violated in such a shameless manner. To make things even worse for us movie fans the upcoming saga Superman vs Batman is very likely to be misused in a similar way. Oh dear, is there something sacred to these villains hackers?

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