Privacy Healthcare


How about this horror movie for a change? A laptop with the 500 patients personal data was stolen from the medical facility in South Carolina. What kind of personal data? Well, anything you can possibly think of including medical history for each and any of the 500 patients.

The laptop itself was password, but the data were not encrypted. Really hard to believe, and absolutely impossible to accept. Simply there is no excuse, which we can swallow. How about the patients themselves? It comes without saying that their condition just got worse.

What happened with the cloud storage system? What about prioritizing these type of data? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to ask these type of questions all day long. What is the purpose? In the paper era we were more secure than in the golden digital age.

Does this type of news about security breaches and identity thefts make you sick? What kind of an epic data catastrophe we have to experience in order to be awakened from our dreams of self-illusions? Enough is enough, let us do something about it for real this time. Shall we?

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