Gaza Cyber Warlords


The endless news flow about the Gaza conflict with a number of victims increasing on both sides and troubling potential for further escalation has completely camouflaged some other equally important events taking place in the background. One of them is definitely an unparalleled Israeli hacking school, which fights its virtual battles with the same or even greater intensity.

It is an intriguing and proven fact that the Israeli IT infrastructure is one of the most endangered and attacked in the world. This fact provides the Israeli hacking school with an absolute abundance of real-life scenarios and practicing material. Israeli hackers are among the best in the virtual battlefield. Is this true?

Well, we can never be quite sure about this one. As long as the system is functioning as it supposed that means someone is doing a proper job. The experts from the Israeli hacking school say that they regular job is to handle up to 10,000 different cyber attacks every single hour. How about that for a change?

We need peace in Gaza as soon as possible, in both real and virtual world. We are quite aware that this is an easy thing to say and almost impossible to achieve at the moment. Unfortunately, we cannot hear or see the cyber guns, but we can certainly experience their harmful effect first-hand once they occur.

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