E-Mail + E-Guilt = Real Punishment


t is not too late, for all of you who are reading this post to think twice before write or send an email in the future. Unfortunately, all we needed was one federal judge to say emails are the legitimate evidence target. The police can treat them in the same way as they are already doing with our hard drives.

Just imagine a situation where someone knocks at your door informing you that there is a warrant, which allows him to keep and examine your emails. All what you have written or received in your inbox can be used against you as the legitimate evidence at the court of law. How do you feel about this one?

Without any exaggeration we can say that we are completely surrounded. First, our smartphones, and now emails. The federal government obviously has an intention to turn all elements associated with our privacy into bulletproof evidences. What is next? Do you dare to guess?

What are we supposed to do? To buy old typing machines just like Germans are doing after the recent spying controversy? To use pigeons messengers? Seriously? When we will have a courage to say enough is enough? Maybe, they will use these posts as the evidence in the near future? Who knows?

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