Cyber War Games by Deloitte


Here is something you do not expect to see in a company, which is a synonym for white collars and strict formality. For what is worth, the Deloitte Cyber Risk Service has introduced the new cyber war-gaming and simulation service. What does it do and what is supposed to solve in the first place? Well, Deloitte brings the cyber war into your company.

The main purpose of this simulation activity is to test your defense readiness and vulnerability points to a cyber attack as the closest possible to the real life situation. So, what is the catch with this one? Why do we have to pay Deloitte to play cyber war games? How come we cannot do it on our own? Deloitte has a nice answer to these questions.

Deloitte’s cyber war games are carefully designed and earth shaking events, which include all segments of your company, including top management and CEOs including all people involved in crucial business process execution. In addition, its scenarios are the closest to the real thing you will ever get to your business.

It comes without saying that is always better to simulate a cyber attack than to participate in one or experience it first-hand. Deloitte has an offer of top class cyber wars and simulations that are crying for some attention and honest appreciation. Better to go into a virtual war with Deloitte, than into a real one with merciless hackers.

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