IOS Secure Insecurity


It seems that the endless debate about the security prestige between Android and IOS just got an additional intriguing chapter. We have all witnessed how every now and then some of the Apple’s representatives likes to point out the security imperfections and vulnerabilities associated with Android.

The opened IOS backdoor allowed us for the first to seriously question its security strength. For what is worth, IOS sees to be properly strong on the outside threats, and unforgettably weak on the inside. We are talking about the enemies from within. Confused?

Apple’s mobile software is intended to be used for maintenance purposes only. Who is to deal exclusively with these types of works is another question? Maybe, some of the NSA agents would be more than interested to pay a surprising visit to your iPhone’s data.

The Apple’s users are disturbed with a proper reason. On the other side, Apple’s marketing machinery will do its homework in this case with a series of justifications and calming press releases. However, the damage is already being done. The Apple has lost its self-claimed aureola of flawless safety. For how long?

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