Privacy Data Punisher


Let us not act surprised, shall we? It simply had to happen sooner or later. For what is worth, this bad news for our privacy protection is very likely to have a positive epilogue. How? What happened? Well, after this one there will not be any more excuses. We will never be treated as the collateral damage of security breaches.

The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has ordered that the Think W3 Limited as a distinguished UK online travel service has to pay almost $250,000 for fines. Why? It seems fair for almost one million stolen credit cards related data. Could this one have been prevented?

Honestly, it is hard to say, but there is one thing that puts a blame on this agency. Since they acquired their data system in 2006 they have not bothered, not even once as a matter of fact, to run an appropriate security test. Plenty of time for hackers to prepare accordingly, indeed.

Now, these guys from the travel service have more than 250,000 reasons to thoroughly examine all of their security vulnerabilities. Just imagine for a moment how significant saving could have achieved, if they were to conduct the simplest security test a couple of years ago.

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