Old Plugins. New Trouble.


It seems that the Microsoft’s troubles with the updates and lack of technical support for the older versions will eventually turn into an endless saga. For what is worth, Microsoft has been caught in the crossfire. Unfortunately, there is not much it can really do about it in the first place.

On the one hand, we have loyal, but extremely stubborn Windows users, who are not eager to leave their XP, Vista or Windows 7 versions behind. On the other side, there is a crumbling pressure of the ever present cyber threat. The unprotected Windows has become the hackers’ Eldorado.

Therefore, Microsoft has decided to block all old web plugins with the latest update in order to increase the level of cyber security. In addition, one very serious rumor has it that Microsoft is so desperate that it is willing to give away Windows 9 for free to XP users just to make them to leave it.

It comes without saying that this is a tricky situation for Microsoft. Which one hurts less? To lose Windows users or its flawless reputation as a cyber-threats-proof place. Oh, this is tough one, undoubtedly. They will need all rocket scientists, they can find to solve this puzzle successfully.

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