You Can Hide, But You’ll Be Recognized


Do you recall how the updated FBI facial recognition technology was under the tremendous pressure and criticism as being extremely expensive and insufficiently efficient? It was even compared to the one used by Facebook. The most popular social network in the world apparently much bigger database in this matter.

For what is worth, the FBI was able to close the 15 years old case, thanks to this facial recognition technology. One notorious child abuser was caught in Nepal against all odds. This amazing story really makes you think seriously about the potential implications of the latest technologies.

On the other hand, we just got one more confirmation of an old and simple IT security rule. There are no bad technologies or apps, only good or bad people who use them this way or another. This is definitely something worth remembering and repeating as many times as possible.

Just imagine what we could do, if we were to use available apps and technologies for some other things rather than spying and advertising. Would not that be something to wish for? Until then, these kinds of events will be treated as lonely and positive incidents. Unfortunately.

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