Hackers With The Government’s IDs


When the government gets its fingers in the hacking field in most of the cases you end up with the cyber terrorism. Yes, we are not exaggerating and that is the right word for it. When you examine the latest statistical data about the most serious cyber attacks, you simply have no other choice then to jump to certain conclusions.

The absolute majority of all cyber attacks in the northern and western Europe comes from Russia. On the other hand, the USA is the favorite destination for the hackers from China. Are these statistics merely a coincidence or a reflection of our seriously compromised political relationships?

For the certain types of hacker’s attacks a very serious IT infrastructure and flawless organization is an absolute must. Are we supposed to believe that our governments have nothing to do with these, and they are completely unaware of what is going on in the cyberspace? We are not that naive.

The hackers with the government IDs and the state’s blessing are our everyday’s reality, like it or not. We sure hope we will not be lost in the unprecedented hypocrisy where we condemn while stimulating at the same time the same type of cyber crime and attacks.

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