Russian Cyber Mafia


Although,  this post’s title may sound similar to the Swedish House Mafia, you can rest assured it has nothing to do with music. As a matter of fact, while someone’s fingers were playing the digital music of destruction, the other side was at the very edge of its tears and complete desperation.

So, let us see who are the main characters of our story. On the one side, we have the top Russian hackers. On the other side, we have the very symbol of the corporate America. This is how you end up with a breaking news: JP Morgan was hacked by the Russian hackers. Oh, this one sound terrible.

You know how it goes in the aftermath of this and similar events, don’t you? If a dinosaur such as JP Morgan cannot be safe, what about the IT security of the rest of us the mortals? At least JP Morgan can afford the top class IT protection. They have invented the money as we know it today.

How about a little spending for justified IT causes? The Russian IT school, including its hacker’s department has one hell of a reputation. However, not even they are almighty with the proper IT security measures. Unless something is done with this one, their next address can easily be the White House.

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