Make A Wish With The Sailfish


This post’s picture says it all, doesn’t it? Here is the current situation in Russia, when it comes to the mobile OS options. Android takes up to 66%, while on the other side, iOS is somewhere between 21% and 23% of the entire Russian mobile market. What is that telling us?

Well, almost 90% of the Russian mobile paradise is in the evil American hands. That is the greatest Russian nightmare. So, what they are going to do about it? They will create a mobile OS on their own. It turns out that the open source platform called the Sailfish is going to be perfect for this purpose.

The Russians are pretty much ambitious about this one. By the end of 2025 more than 50% of the mobile OS market is supposed to be in Russian hands. Again. The users all over Russia are supposed to feel safe and protected in terms of their privacy. Right? Yet, why stop there?

There is more than one serious rumor that both Russia and China can launch their own Internet networks completely independent from the World Wide Web. If they want to. At any given moment. Yet, do we really need that? Each country should have its Net and mobile OS. Seriously?

How To Kill A Mockingbird, Who Tweets?


Can you guess which top 10 countries are on the Twitter-withdraw-blacklist? You know how it goes, don’t you? You submit a request to Twitter asking for a certain content to be removed, and then you sit and wait for a response. It is not so hard to guess, who is the number one, is it? Turkey, who else.

Turkey submits more than 500 requests, the official ones, on a yearly level, and Twitter answers in about 50% with a green light. The second position is reserved for Russia, of course. However, when it comes to the Russian, then the blue bird answers positively in less than 10% of all cases. Here is a surprise.

Germany has just won the bronze medal. This is a little bit surprising. Now, the remaining magnificent seven: France, the USA, Brasil, the UK, Japan, Netherland, and India. So, what is the moral of this story? Do not you even dare to come up with some reckless parallels between the democracy and Twitter.

For what is worth, it is definitely not a good sign, when you want to remove something on Twitter. It is worth mentioning that both Russian and Turkish politicians like to use Twitter, especially during the election years. You like when Twitter users vote for you, but you hate it when they criticize. Interesting.

The Death Red Star


What in a world is that? Well, prepare yourself for some more mind blowing surprises made in North Korea. For quite some time, we have neglected and even underestimated the North Korean cyber capacities. Now, all of these hit us back like a boomerang. There are no more amateurs in the cyber universe.

The Red Star is a cloned OS from A to Z, and what is even more important fully controlled by the state itself. Although, the Red Star OS strongly resembles Microsoft’s Windows, it is actually based entirely on Linux. So, what do you know the North Koreans know how to develop an entire OS.

Impressive? Whatever you think or do about this one, just do not say anything against their leader. Otherwise, you can end up like Sony Pictures. Because of the Interview movie, they are trembling because of the constant cyber attacks conducted by the notorious government group the Bureau 121.

The next thing you know the North Koreans will come up with the Internet of their own. One of the serious rumors has it that China and Russia have the “national” Internet fully operational and ready to be launched at any given moment. Can North Korea join this big boys club for real? Let us see.

Facebook vs Russia


We have to admit that this post’s title is not quite accurate or appropriate one. Why? There is no conflict between Facebook and Russia. At least not the one we are aware about. You know that tensions are high over the Ukraine crisis. One of the latest news includes Apple new position in Russia, for example.

You cannot get an iPhone directly in Russia, among other things. If you are into blogging stuff in Russia, you need to register and use your full name. The trouble with the Facebook in Russia is both different and specific in its nature. It seems that there is a Facebook virus, which specifically targets Russian users.

Is this a nice introduction for the conspiracy theory fans, or what? You are probably thinking about the CIA or the NSA virus, which likes to attack only Russian Facebook users. We have to emphasize that the Facebook itself is not the only nor the most important social network in the Russian region.

We have more than one so-called national and local social network in Russia. Maybe, some Russian top secret agency is working against Facebook. Who knows for sure? Either way, Facebook has to do something about it. When it comes to the social networks all users are equal. Right or wrong?

Google vs Russia


Relax, for the time being, there is no conflict between Google and Russia. However, some more or less malicious comments pointed out some obvious facts and comparisons. Does it really matter, if it is because of the politics, or only economic and business related purposes? So, let us see what is happening here.

The estimated value of the entire Russian stock market is around $325 billions. On the other hand, the estimated worth of Google is more than $340 billions. It is worth mentioning that both Apple and Microsoft are already in this big boys club with the estimated worth of more than $350 billions.

So, what is that supposed to mean? Something, anything and everything. All of that at the same time. Maybe, someone wants to make a point that the USA has more than one company, which is worth more than an entire Russian stock market. This sounds and looks a little bit childish, isn’t it?

What is the next move? The Russians can brag around with their oil, gas and gold reserves. It is ridiculous, but for some people obviously necessary to cheer up the tense situation over the Ukraine crisis. Oh dear, has it really come down to this? This is so disappointing on so many levels, isn’t it?

The Sandworm Team


As soon as you launch a political, military or an economic crisis, you can rest assured that an avalanche of speculation will inevitably follow. This is exactly what happened with the crisis in Ukraine. On the other side, the NATO and EU were dead worried about the Russian cyber answer in this matter.

This is how the iSight has published its findings about one of the most notorious Russian hacker group called the Sandworm Team. According to some serious rumors this group was directly supported and lead by the Russian secret agencies. There activities were focused primarily on the NATO, EU and Ukraine related structures.

On the other side, there were quite a few interesting information about these cyber shadow warriors from Russia definitely worth mentioning. These SF fans were able to exploit the security flaws in the Windows itself for their actions, which is an interesting thing to witness. So far, we have had the different roles.

Allegedly, the Western secret agencies such as the CIA or NSA were exploiting Windows bugs for spying on the Russian government officials. It seems that someone was quite capable of turning the Windows itself against its countrymen. The secret cyber war has already begun. All what we can see are only the consequences.



The more serious political and military conflict between the West and Russia becomes, the less likely is that US based IT titans will hold their previous positions in Russia. For what is worth, Microsoft opened the Russian door, and it is more than obvious that it will close them eventually. What is the situation now?

On the one side, Russian government transfers its entire IT infrastructure from Windows to Linux on a massive and an unprecedented scale. On the other side, one serious rumor has it that Russian IT experts are working on their own version of Windows. In this matter, China has set an excellent example.

The game of stubbornness in the IT field has literally become a grotesque one with no signs of improvement. What is next? Nowadays, you have to be a rocket scientist or lucky to find a single Apple’s device in the Russian government. The IT nationalism is an inevitable reality and there is nothing we can do about it.

The most serious challenge is the World Wide Web. It is only a matter of time before the Balkanization syndrome strikes the Internet itself. For the time being, only China has the appropriate capacities to launch its own Internet at any given moment. How far is the Internet made in Russia?

Gmail And The Russian Winter


It seems that this year the Russian winter has come a little bit early for Gmail. It is hard to believe, but on one Russian online forum you can find more than five million Gmail users names and passwords. So, what are we supposed to say or think about this incident size of a small country?

Why? Is this some kind of a secret plan in the KGB style to “nationalize” the Russian users? The Russian government has a shinning Chinese example to get an inspiration from. Is this the next logical step? First, we had a demand to land all major servers on Russian soil. And, that was only the beginning.

You can forget about the privacy for bloggers and public network users in Russia. Windows has a shaky ground, as well. Apple can forget about the Russian market. And, now this. What is the point? If you are Russian forget about Gmail, and use the Russian version instead. What else to think?

Let us wait to hear what Google itself has to say about this one. For what is worth, the East, including both Russia and China does not love too much Google and its associated services. Is it too late to change something? What is going to happen with the five million disclosed Gmail accounts in Russia?

Russian Cyber Mafia


Although,  this post’s title may sound similar to the Swedish House Mafia, you can rest assured it has nothing to do with music. As a matter of fact, while someone’s fingers were playing the digital music of destruction, the other side was at the very edge of its tears and complete desperation.

So, let us see who are the main characters of our story. On the one side, we have the top Russian hackers. On the other side, we have the very symbol of the corporate America. This is how you end up with a breaking news: JP Morgan was hacked by the Russian hackers. Oh, this one sound terrible.

You know how it goes in the aftermath of this and similar events, don’t you? If a dinosaur such as JP Morgan cannot be safe, what about the IT security of the rest of us the mortals? At least JP Morgan can afford the top class IT protection. They have invented the money as we know it today.

How about a little spending for justified IT causes? The Russian IT school, including its hacker’s department has one hell of a reputation. However, not even they are almighty with the proper IT security measures. Unless something is done with this one, their next address can easily be the White House.

Hackers With The Government’s IDs


When the government gets its fingers in the hacking field in most of the cases you end up with the cyber terrorism. Yes, we are not exaggerating and that is the right word for it. When you examine the latest statistical data about the most serious cyber attacks, you simply have no other choice then to jump to certain conclusions.

The absolute majority of all cyber attacks in the northern and western Europe comes from Russia. On the other hand, the USA is the favorite destination for the hackers from China. Are these statistics merely a coincidence or a reflection of our seriously compromised political relationships?

For the certain types of hacker’s attacks a very serious IT infrastructure and flawless organization is an absolute must. Are we supposed to believe that our governments have nothing to do with these, and they are completely unaware of what is going on in the cyberspace? We are not that naive.

The hackers with the government IDs and the state’s blessing are our everyday’s reality, like it or not. We sure hope we will not be lost in the unprecedented hypocrisy where we condemn while stimulating at the same time the same type of cyber crime and attacks.