Malvertising, What Is That?


Yeah, what is that? It sounds so familiar, but we are not quite sure what is it exactly. Is malvertising a bad online advertising? For what is worth, any kind of online advertising is annoying and malicious from the users’ personal point of view. Yet, this is something completely different. What exactly?

Well, malvertising is something you get when malware and advertising fall in love. As a result, you got yourself a malware, which spreads almost like an advertisement. The most dangerous thing about this new method is the use of the legitimate software and ways to spread the malware content.

And unfortunately, this is only the beginning of bad news. Some of the most important major IT league players are involved unwillingly. Yes, the things are that much serious. Let us mention Amazon, YouTube and Yahoo. Is this enough to give you the unforgettable headache and sleepless nights?

So, what can we do about it? As always, to know is almost a half way to cure something. Now, we know where our enemy moves and how. This is supposed to be more than enough to do something about it. We only need to find someone skillful enough to do a proper and quick job. Right?

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