In The Palm Of Your Drone Hand


There is a lovely flying toy. This mini-drone can easily use the palm of your hand as an airport. The only “trouble” is that it cannot use an action camera. Why? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to answer this question, do you? This butterfly drone simply cannot afford an additional weight.

So, what can we use it for? Unfortunately, the modern drones are quite notorious. Instead of improving our lives, they tend to take them away in an easy, unhuman, and mechanical way. There were some rumors that Amazon plans to use them for the delivery purposes. Is there any good in them?

For what is worth, there were some “tryouts” in a positive direction. One of them is a contest, which asked for you to come up with an idea about a possibility to use drones for good deeds. This is how we have heard about a proposal to use drones for planting the trees in the remote areas.

We sure hope that someone will not come up with a brilliant idea to put some poison on this tiny aircraft, for example. We are not eager nor curious to find out what are the dimensions of the biggest drone in the world, now that we are fully aware of this drone small wings, that is for sure. How about you?

The Drone Avengers


If you loved the Avengers, then you are going to be blown away by this one. Under a certain condition. You have to live in the USA. The people, who are living half across the globe, are definitely not going to be thrilled with an idea of the flying drone carrier. Can you imagine such a thing flying above you?

The flying fortress, which deploys hundreds, even thousands of drones everywhere you look. This is not a movie, but rather an imminent reality knocking at our door. To make things even worse, we can expect the further commercialization of the drone related possible applications. Intrigued?

Amazon plans to launch an entire fleet of commercial drones. Google is currently occupied with satellites and Facebook with balloons. But, you do not have to guess twice what will happen, once they hear about the drone carrier. That means to have an entire trade or service center right up in the sky.

These ideas make business giants to be simply restless. On the other hand, we can only ask ourselves, how long before this new SkyNet starts making trouble? This dronology can be an annoying thing. Especially, if you do not like to see a crowded sky with all kinds of flying machines. Drones are not carrying bonbons, that is for sure.

Amazon Cyber Pirate Bay


Who are the hackers, actually? The ugly, dirty and bad cyber freaks. Or, maybe you should leave your prejudices aside. Here is an additional and more appropriate definition. Nowadays, the modern hackers are the educated fools with the money on their minds. For some reason, they have embraced the dark side.

And, this is how we ended up here. In the midst of the unparalleled cyber terror. Here are some new moments to add to the existing trouble. The modern hackers have become extremely sophisticated and surprisingly patient. They plan and execute some of the most vicious actions in the long run.

The trouble with the curve in this field is that the recent attacks take the legitimate form. Did you know that almost 20% of all known cyber vulnerabilities and threats come from the Amazon Web Services. How? Well, they have found a way to become a part of the legitimate IT infrastructure.

What is the moral of this story? Our good old friendly hacker neighbors have evolved. So, we should too. Until is too late. The last thing we need it be ridiculously outdated. We should also find an IT security man to plan and fight in the long run. New circumstances call for the new solutions. Right?

Malvertising, What Is That?


Yeah, what is that? It sounds so familiar, but we are not quite sure what is it exactly. Is malvertising a bad online advertising? For what is worth, any kind of online advertising is annoying and malicious from the users’ personal point of view. Yet, this is something completely different. What exactly?

Well, malvertising is something you get when malware and advertising fall in love. As a result, you got yourself a malware, which spreads almost like an advertisement. The most dangerous thing about this new method is the use of the legitimate software and ways to spread the malware content.

And unfortunately, this is only the beginning of bad news. Some of the most important major IT league players are involved unwillingly. Yes, the things are that much serious. Let us mention Amazon, YouTube and Yahoo. Is this enough to give you the unforgettable headache and sleepless nights?

So, what can we do about it? As always, to know is almost a half way to cure something. Now, we know where our enemy moves and how. This is supposed to be more than enough to do something about it. We only need to find someone skillful enough to do a proper and quick job. Right?