To Serve, Protecte, And Hide, If Necessary


One of the latest rumors has it that Facebook managed to get its hand on the former chief of the Yahoo security system. Alex StamosĀ is supposed to do exactly what in Facebook? The same job he was doing in Yahoo. Right? Is Facebook in trouble? Should we be worried about our cyber security on Facebook?

If you scratch a little bit deeper underneath the Facebook surface, you will realize that it still cares about its users. In a profitable way, of course. That is why, anything and anyone to make users uncomfortable is not welcome on this most popular social network in the world.

Here is the catch. The list of most unwanted guests includes our dear government among other notorious men in black. This means that we will be safe from all kinds of spying and tracking programs made in the NSA or the CIA. If that is really the case here, then our hats off to Facebook.

We have to admit that we are a little bit suspicious. Facebook and Google have quite a negative reputation as being extremely “government-friendly”. They just cannot say no to the government, can they? Let us just hope that Facebook hackers will lose their job, thanks to this man Alex StamosĀ .

Malvertising, What Is That?


Yeah, what is that? It sounds so familiar, but we are not quite sure what is it exactly. Is malvertising a bad online advertising? For what is worth, any kind of online advertising is annoying and malicious from the users’ personal point of view. Yet, this is something completely different. What exactly?

Well, malvertising is something you get when malware and advertising fall in love. As a result, you got yourself a malware, which spreads almost like an advertisement. The most dangerous thing about this new method is the use of the legitimate software and ways to spread the malware content.

And unfortunately, this is only the beginning of bad news. Some of the most important major IT league players are involved unwillingly. Yes, the things are that much serious. Let us mention Amazon, YouTube and Yahoo. Is this enough to give you the unforgettable headache and sleepless nights?

So, what can we do about it? As always, to know is almost a half way to cure something. Now, we know where our enemy moves and how. This is supposed to be more than enough to do something about it. We only need to find someone skillful enough to do a proper and quick job. Right?