The more serious political and military conflict between the West and Russia becomes, the less likely is that US based IT titans will hold their previous positions in Russia. For what is worth, Microsoft opened the Russian door, and it is more than obvious that it will close them eventually. What is the situation now?

On the one side, Russian government transfers its entire IT infrastructure from Windows to Linux on a massive and an unprecedented scale. On the other side, one serious rumor has it that Russian IT experts are working on their own version of Windows. In this matter, China has set an excellent example.

The game of stubbornness in the IT field has literally become a grotesque one with no signs of improvement. What is next? Nowadays, you have to be a rocket scientist or lucky to find a single Apple’s device in the Russian government. The IT nationalism is an inevitable reality and there is nothing we can do about it.

The most serious challenge is the World Wide Web. It is only a matter of time before the Balkanization syndrome strikes the Internet itself. For the time being, only China has the appropriate capacities to launch its own Internet at any given moment. How far is the Internet made in Russia?

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